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Nurturing the Regional Mindset of the Quad Cities

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At Q2030, we believe that fostering regional collaboration will pave the way toward increased opportunities for success among community members from all backgrounds. Our focus areas include developing local sites and nurturing local industries to boosting engagement and promoting inclusivity.

Riverfront View

Developing the Riverfront

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We can amplify our region’s riverfront amenities and plans to help reach it’s fullest potential as a world-class destination that also improves quality of life for Quad Citizens. This is possible by weaving the unique aspects of individual community plans and amenities into a regional river vision meant to excite locals, allow for full utilization of natural resources, and encourage further riverfront investment. Our long-term goals include:
Fostering a regionally connected riverfront recognized around the world for its recreational opportunities, commercial use, and ecological sustainability.
Providing opportunities to highlight the connection of the river and its surrounding land to the cultural and historical contributions of our region’s Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.
Full utilization of the riverfront as a cultural anchor to foster engagement among locals and guests.

Boosting Youth Engagement

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We believe in creating safe spaces where youth can be engaged, educated, and hopeful for their future. Our team will take action by fostering collaborations that ensure safe environments, develop social amenities, provide quality education, and create opportunities for career exploration. We are currently identifying opportunities to give local students a voice in career exploration and training activities designed to build our workforce of tomorrow.
Our organization is working toward the following long-term goals:
Increasing the number of local students who graduate high school with career credentials.
Creating regional student engagement opportunities that foster retention after high school.
Developing ongoing communications strategies that enable under-represented youth to plan their careers during and after high school.
Youth Engagement
Child Care

Bolstering the Childcare Workforce

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As the community works to grow and retain young professionals and families, it is increasingly necessary to offer childcare services that support working parents. By providing avenues for regional collaboration, we can help employers support parents in the workforce and tap into opportunities for growth in the childcare industry.
By identifying gaps in training and best practices to implement on a regional scale, we can support early childhood educators and childcare professionals while meeting the growing demand for childcare services.
Our earliest work on this priority has included forums to build employer support of childcare friendly policies and investments and to convene early childhood educators to identify community-wide initiatives to support the success of the industry.

Promoting Regional Collaboration

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Our organization is rooted in the principle of regional collaboration. When we encourage collaboration among stakeholders, we create opportunities for individuals, organizations, and most importantly, our region, to flourish.
We aim to amplify and increase regional collaboration by promoting multidisciplinary partnerships and exchanges in best practices. This allows us to nurture the collaborative mindset of Quad Citizens and ensure that we are positioned to achieve our regional vision. It also demonstrates our commitment to creating safe spaces where any community member can contribute to our initiatives. Some of our ongoing actions include:
Building a coalition of community partners to determine solutions for funding that advances regional goals and projects.
Working with existing community initiatives to provide a platform for determining and sharing best practices for collaboration.
Consistently highlighting the benefits of regional collaboration on the individual lives of Quad Citizens.
Conducting outreach initiatives to local community and civic organizations to build our All-In Community.
Priorities DEI


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We strive to turn the Quad Cities into a model for inclusion by advancing diversity and equity in all of our work and encouraging our community and stakeholders to adopt inclusive practices. In doing so, we enrich the quality of community initiatives by ensuring that under-represented groups get the support they truly need.
To help our region become truly welcoming and inclusive, we are working with diverse community organizations to amplify the work they do to elevate traditionally under-represented populations and to bring more partners to the table.


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