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Creating a Movement to be Cool, Creative, Connected, and Prosperous

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Q2030 was an idea born into fruition by a passionate collective dedicated to the success of the Quad Cities. The formative process saw locals embracing cross-sectional collaboration and working together to bring our region into the future.
Our organization was created through a collective impact approach to community development, resource coordination, and tireless effort from stakeholders. Learn more about our journey below.

Initial Launch

Community leaders officially launch the Q2030 Regional Action Plan as an idea to align the Quad Cities as a single region and make it a different and better place by 2030. More than 240 business, government and nonprofit entities publicly endorse the unified vision designed to transform the region into a leading metropolitan area for talent, jobs and economic opportunities for all. By doing so, organizations also pledge to set regionally minded priorities and goals in support of Q2030’s regional vision.

Executing Our Vision

Implementing comprehensive strategies on a regional scale can be difficult and highly complicated. With many moving parts, we recognize the constant need to adapt to meet the needs of our ever-evolving region, while maintaining the integrity of our collective vision and priorities.

We create a Warehouse of Ideas containing recommendations on potential activities to help achieve the regional vision. This brings people together and aids in developing action plans for various focus areas. The Warehouse of Ideas also gives the organization room to grow as strategic partners assess high-value programs for implementation, quantify the results of past efforts, and anticipate challenges and opportunities for the future.


First Quad Cities Big Table

Over 5,000 Quad Citizens participate in the first Quad Cities Big Table, launching a new tradition and forum for identifying community issues and creating innovative solutions. The two-day event brings together a diverse group of people to talk, listen and learn from one another about regional challenges and opportunities, from riverfront development to social equity and inclusion. The process builds new relationships and inspires collaborations that are making our region more cool, creative, connected and prosperous. Leveraging the work of the Big Table, we see a great opportunity to develop a more inclusive movement where everyone has a voice and opportunity to engage.

Student Big Table

The Student Big Table brings together a diverse group of 60 student leaders from 15 area public and private schools. They spend half of the day outside of the classroom at Deere & Company World Headquarters in Moline, tackling issues that matter to them to improve the region. In addition, community leaders facilitate five focused Big Table forums at five landmark venues across the Quad Cities. The events drew hundreds of people to talk about major issues and priorities for our region, from entrepreneurship to the role of preschool in creating a world-class education.


Our first mid-course review is coordinated by the Quad Cities Chamber, United Way Quad Cities, Visit Quad Cities, and the Quad Cities Community Foundation. We create this opportunity for stakeholders to objectively identify favorable results from past efforts and define improvement areas to expedite the development of the Quad Cities. In doing so, we create opportunities for affirming and adjusting our goals and creating more effective governance models. The midcourse review recommends the creation of a standalone non-profit to continue the work of Q2030.


Through building relationships and facilitating communication with stakeholders, original supporters raise community investment in Q2030, helping it to become a full-fledged organization funded by Quad Citizens.

During this year, we incorporate our organization and secured our status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We also establish our board of directors, hire staff, and establish the backbone of the Q2030 entity.


Moving Forward

We continue to move forward with our goals by identifying regional priorities, coordinating with other organizations to support their efforts, and work to reach more people in our community. Our goal is to move into the future with a comprehensive work plan and communications strategy that will help the Quad Cities achieve its 2030 vision.

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