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Let’s Talk at Big Table

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Regional collaboration is the driving force behind Q2030. We not only value the work that organizations and businesses do to foster growth in the region, but we also lend the same importance to individual contributions from everyday citizens.

Our Big Table events create a space for people to come together, identify community issues, and develop innovative solutions. To learn about opportunities to engage in future Big Table discussions, join us here.

Everyone Is Welcome

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Big Table events are open to all Quad Citizens. You will find people with various educational attainments, income brackets, cultural backgrounds, and the like. Our region is only as strong as our bond with each other. We aim to foster new relationships and inspire collaborations among citizens to nurture a region that aligns with our four pillars. This way, we create a movement rooted in engagement, inclusion, and connectedness.

Everyone is welcome


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2018 Big Table Report
2019 Big Table Report


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