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Q2030 is a regional catalyst for change to create a more cool, creative, connected, and prosperous community. Think of us as champions working collaboratively to facilitate alignment of resources, tell our regional story, and make big things happen.

We can break the work we do into three key actions. One: We bring people together to discuss focused topics that benefit regionality. Two: We showcase and amplify our success across all sectors doing the hard work of building a better community. Three: we infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion into the efforts – to build prosperity for all.

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By 2030, transform the Quad Cities region into a broadly prosperous and equitable community that provides a high quality of life and place for all Quad Citizens.
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The Quad Cities is recognized globally in 2030 for growing and attracting talent and businesses, is energized by a diverse and culturally rich community, inspires innovation, and embraces lifelong learning.
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Ignite the transformational change in the Quad Cities region necessary to realize our vision which requires intensified and focused regional collaboration to achieve.

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