Q2030 Regional Action Plan

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The Quad Cities’ Q2030 Regional Action Plan is a transformational community and economic development initiative designed to make our bi-state area cooler, more creative, connected, and prosperous by the year 2030.

Maximizing Opportunities for Regional Growth

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At Q2030, we believe that fostering regional collaboration will pave the way toward increased opportunities for success among individuals from all backgrounds. Our focus areas go from developing areas and nurturing local industries to boosting engagement and promoting inclusivity.

Be Part of the Q2030 Movement!

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Q2030 believes in the power of community and collaboration in achieving our regional vision. Thus, we have created an All-In Community, a collective of people dedicated to the continuous improvement of the Quad Cities.

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The All In Community

Q2030: Transforming
Our Quad Cities

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Q2030 became a new 501(c)3 standalone organization in 2021 to provide a new sustainable model for governance and funding. The new organization includes a diverse board representing the business, government, nonprofit and education sectors within the Quad Cities. In addition, the first four champion organizations – Quad Cities Chamber, Quad Cities Community Foundation, United Way Quad Cities and Visit Quad Cities – have strengthened their partnership with Q2030 by committing to align their work with the vision and support the initiative.

Q2030 is a regional catalyst for change to create a more cool, creative, connected, and prosperous community. Think of us as champions working collaboratively to facilitate alignment of resources, tell our regional story, and make big things happen.

We can break the work we do into three key actions. One: We bring people together to discuss focused topics that benefit regionality. Two: We showcase and amplify our success across all sectors doing the hard work of building a better community. Three: we infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion into the efforts – to build prosperity for all.

Backbone Champions

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Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce
Visit Quad Cities
Quad Cities Community Foundation
United Way Quad Cities