Our Priorities

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Q2030 was created to develop the Quad Cities into an area with a robust local economy, high quality of life, and equity among residents. Our work is rooted in community input and guided by the needs and principles shared by Quad Citizens.

To determine our focus areas, we hosted over a dozen focus group discussions involving more than 200 stakeholders and community surveys with more than 4,000 respondents. From this outreach, we determined four priority areas that build towards the regional vision.

The Four Pillars of Our Work

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The pillars of our work guide our ethos and approach to community development. These are highly interdependent and connected, and we can ensure the success of our region by simultaneously advancing these aspects of the community.

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Cool Places

Thoughtfully designed and programmed places accelerate the things that matter to a region’s success. It is our goal to create strong, attractive, and functional places in which we live, work, experience, and play.

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Creative People

There is no better indicator of a region’s economic success than the percentage of skilled and educated people in its population.

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Connected Region

At the root of everything we do to move the region forward economically – grow businesses, create a quality place to live, and prepare workers for the future – is the need to work together.

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Prosperous Economy

A diverse, vibrant business community is the foundation for a healthy region.


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